Frequently asked questions

What is your capacity?

The Regal Ballroom can accommodate up to 400 guests with a dance floor in the grand ballroom. Our Oxford and Curtis Ballrooms will accommodate up to 170 guests it is these two ballrooms that create the Grand Ballroom.

Where do we park?

Our valet service will handle the guest’s cars for the entire evening.

How many affairs do you host on one day?

We can host 2 events in separate ballrooms in one day. Pending your package selection and Guest count will determine your required room size.

What are your prices and availability?

Every detail of your event is taken into consideration and is incorporated into one price, including taxes & service charges. Our dates are contracted with haste but we still have some great dates available for your affair.

Do you allow outside catering or room rentals?

Outside Catering is only permitted for events that require an ethnic cuisine that is beyond our scope of expertise. Only a licensed reputable catering company is permitted to provide services and must be used in conjunction with our rental agreement.

What type of affairs do you host?

We are only limited by your imagination….we will host or cater to any special event that you expect the best. Whether it may be an intimate cocktail reception in your home, a fundraiser, or the most special day of your life. We will assist you in creating the perfect ambiance, capture your theme so that your special event will reflect you and will flow flawlessly because you will know that every detail has been planned.